What is Bluetooth 5

Versions of Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth 4.1,4.2 and 5 are various versions of Bluetooth technology. Every higher version has more and advanced feature. Bluetooth 5 is the latest version of Bluetooth that has been released in December 2016. The special interest group (SIG) that controls the spec has opted to simply call it “Bluetooth 5” with no decimal point.

Bluetooth 5 was designed specifically to provide lossless and secure communication as our gadgets and gizmos become more and more technologically advanced. Bluetooth 5 is the fastest iteration. The main goal of Bluetooth 5 is to increase the overall quality of the connections and the interoperability of these connections. This means the higher the speed the more responsive high-performance devices will be. The Increased broadcast message size also means more data can be transmitted.

Cell and batteries can run for a longer time with this version. Bluetooth 5 also enables a cool new feature that allows you to play audio on two connected devices at the same time. You could have two pairs of wireless headphones connected to your phone, and then streaming audio to both of them at once. Also, your headphone may be connected to two master devices.

My  Bose Headphones (the slave device) is connected to my MacBook Air and iPhone X (both Master Devices). I may be enjoying Music from Mackbook, but when there is incoming call, It gets disconnected from Macbook and takes the call from iPhone.The range of Bluetooth 5 is around 240 meters (800 feet).

Backward compatibility of Bluetooth 5

Bluetooth 5 hardware is fully backward compatible with prior versions of Bluetooth. Bluetooth 5  will have no problem at all working with all the lower version Bluetooth headphones, fitness trackers, printers, etc.

However, the benefits of the new technology will not be available when connected with Bluetooth 4.0,4.1, 4.2 devices. In such cases, you are limited to the older device’s specifications.So, if you have a phone that supports Bluetooth 5.0 but a headset that supports Bluetooth 4.2, you’ll be limited to the 10 meters (33 feet), a distance of Bluetooth 4.2.

Health effects of Bluetooth

Does the use of cellphones, laptops, or any portable device cause damage to your health? People seem to worry about this question since wireless technology occurred. Recent scientific research published finds no correlation between cell phone use and brain cancer. A new Australian study of 30 years of data, shows no correlation whatsoever between cellphone use and cases of cancer. Bluetooth operates at the same frequency as of that mobile phones but sports less power, The radio frequency at which these devices work is between 2.4Hz to 2.485 GHz while Wi-Fi is at 2.4GHz.
In order of decreasing frequency (and increasing wavelength), the various regions of the electromagnetic spectrum are gamma rays, x-rays, ultraviolet, visible light, infrared, microwaves, and radio waves. The radio waves are at the lowest end and do not affect humans.

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