Two wifi have same name

You will see only one wifi

If the two networks are using the same password and encryption mode as well as the same SSID, then you will see only one name. Your device will see only one wifi. The device will connect to the strongest wifi. You might randomly connect to either of them. Even connecting devices may jump between the networks and not necessarily from the weaker one to the stronger one.

If the same name wifi has different passwords then there is no problem. Even if one device tries to connect to different wifi of the same name, but different security password, it will not connect.

If one of same name wifi (SSID) is open (no password), there is a possibility of users from the other network being inadvertently connecting to the open network.

What is SSID (Wifi)

Name of your wifi is called SSID ( service set identifier) in technical terms. When you try to access wifi you encounter a number of wifi names which are within the range of your device: mobile, laptop,iPad, etc. You’ll select the name of the local network you want to connect to and then enter the password (if necessary) to connect. In some cases, some public networks, typically managed by a business, may require you to first read and agree to online terms of service (ToS) before allowing you to connect. In some other types, they ask for your email also. This is truer in cases of airport wifi or other sensitive places where they want to keep a record of people connected to their wifi.

Name of SSID (Wifi)

The device (router) comes with some generic name and password by default. Security experts recommend changing the default name and password. This makes it more difficult to hack into the network, and it also makes it less likely that two networks with the same SSID will be within the range of each other. If you are using your home address, or some date of birth, family name, then you are broadcasting yourself to intrusion. The name should be difficult and should not reveal any of your identity. Think of your wireless network name almost as if it were a password. The name of wifi can be of a maximum of 32 characters.
Some of the funny names of wifi are
1. 404 Network Unavailable
2.Access Denied
3. Call 911 and get the password
4. Click here to download virus
5. I am Donald Trump and I am not funny
6.insert coin to continue
7.Ambani Sahab ki kirpa (
8. Baap ko bol na ka net lagva de
9.Police Station WiFi
10.GF ka number de password le
Name of my router(Wifi, SSID) is Moya Mar Jana
Please try different names as these have been published

The password of Wifi (SSID)

The network password can be up to 63 characters long so feel free to be creative with your password. Nowadays use a passphrase. Password can contain capital letters, digits, and/or symbols. Do not use Dictionary words or names in any form.
A passphrase is a sentence-like string of words used for authentication that is longer than a traditional password, easy to remember and difficult to crack. Typical passwords range from 8-16 characters on average while passphrases can reach up to 100 characters in length.

Funny passwords
I would suggest you use a Good Passwords Generator like SAFEPASSWD, MSD Services Password Generator, Strong Password Generator
Never use passwords shown here.

Passphrase of Wifi (SSID)

The passphrase is a sentence with normal gaps as we write. It may or may not be a meaningful phrase. A passphrase can also contain symbols and does not have to be a proper sentence or grammatically correct. A passphrase is easy to remember as compared to password. Remember in the password we can’t have space but in the passphrase, we can have.

Some of the good Passphrases are
1.No one knocks off the old man
2. The road to success is always under construction!
3.correct horse battery staple
4.Michael given T5&ui!£ dove service mud dossier bowling!
6. I lost my underwear in Boston beach

Do Not Store Your Password /passphrase Within Web Applications. If you need to write down your password or passphrase do it but please store it in a safe place.

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