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Kentucky Fried Chicken

second biggest fast food chain

KFC is the second biggest fast food chain in the world after McDonald’s and is home to some of the tastiest and delicious chicken.KFC has the second-highest sales. Chick-fil-A ranks first in sales,

Facts about Colonel Sanders-the founder

# Harland Sanders, more known as Colonel Sanders, earned the status of Colonel, a title given to him by the governor of Kentucky in 1935, as it honored good service and accomplishments.

# He started a roadside business as a 142-seat restaurant and motel, selling the secret chicken recipe. This recipe is used by KFC until today. The recipe patent expired. However, trade secrets are secured by the intellectual property of their holders and is safely locked away in Kentucky to keep it away from intruders.

# Colonel Sander’s white suit that became part of his trademark was sold for $21,510 to the president of KFC Japan.

Facts about KFC

1.The “finger-lickin’ good” slogan was used from 1956 and went on to become one of the best-known catchphrases of the 20th century. The menu was without calorie details

2. The old slogan has been replaced by “So Good” and now they provide calorie content of all items on KFC’s menus.

3. When Colonel Sanders passed away back in 1980, flags on every Kentucky state building flew at half mast in his honor for 4 days.

4. Pepsico limited acquired Kentucky Fried Chicken  in 1986

5.KFC started the bucket tradition after 27 years from the opening of the restaurant.

6.KFC have outlets in 119 countries and territories.

7.KFC is aiming to stop using chicken with antibiotics in it from the end of 2018. KFC Chicken Will Go Antibiotic Free at the End of 2018

8.KFC has the second-highest sales. Chick-fil-A ranks first in sales,’s a Christmas tradition in Japan to eat KFC.

10.PETA campaign against KFC-Kentucky Fried Chicken Sells Death by the Bucket 

11.PETA has achieved major wins against KFC when KFC introduced vegan chicken patty to some menus.

12.KFC in Japan reflects the local preference for dark meat over white meat and serves rice bowls and bento boxes familiar to Japanese consumers 

13.KFC China has expanded rapidly by abandoning the American market model of a limited and cheap menu emphasizing takeout and instead of reflecting China’s strong restaurant dining culture.

14.KFC India adopted a novel strategy to attract local customers by expanding their vegetarian menu options in 2012.

15.KFC is fondly (or not!) called as ‘Kids Fattening center”

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