Logic Bomb

What is Logic Bomb

sometimes referred to as slag code, it is a malicious program that uses a trigger to activate the malicious code. The logic bomb remains non-functioning until that trigger event happens. Once triggered, a logic bomb implements a malicious code that causes harm to a computer. The trigger could include a certain date or time, a particular record being deleted from a system or the launching of an infected software application.

Effects of Logic Bomb

Common malicious actions that logic bombs are able to commit include data corruption, file deletion or hard drive cleaning and stealing sensitive data in conjunction with other spyware.
Cybersecurity specialists recently discovered logic bombs that attack and destroy the hardware components in a workstation or server including the cooling fans, hard drives, and power supplies. The logic bomb overdrives these devices until they overheat or fail. Unlike other forms of malware that break into a secure system, logic bomb attacks tend to be cyber sabotage from a person within an organization who has access to sensitive data

How Logic Bomb works

Logic bombs are secretly inserted into a computer network through the use of malicious code. The code can be inserted into the computer’s existing software or into other forms of malware such as viruses, worms or Trojan horses. It then lies dormant, and typically undetectable, until the trigger occurs. The logic bomb can have two types of triggers, Positive and negative triggers. Positive occur when certain predefined conditions are met. Negative triggers initiate a logic bomb when a condition is not met, such as an employee fails to enter the diffuse code by a certain time

Cybercriminals may try deploying a logic bomb and spyware in an attempt to steal a user’s identity. It waits for the user to visit a website that requires you to log in with the credentials. It may be a banking site, credit card site or social network. In the process, the logic bomb will automatically execute the keylogger and capture the user credentials and send it back to the hacker.

Safeguard against logic bomb attacks

Logic bombs are hard to prevent due to the reason that they can be deployed from anywhere.
Following precautions helps in safeguard from logic bomb
1. Never download pirated software – cybercriminals implant Logic bombs using such software.
2. Make sure that the shareware/freeware applications that you install are from a trusted source
3. Periodically scan all files, including compressed files.
4. Maintain updated antivirus software.
5. Email attachments from an unknown source should be handled carefully.
6. Untrusted web links should not be visited.
7. Protect all computers within a network individually.
8. In companies provide a clear safe use policy to all employees and have them acknowledge their part in maintaining the safety and integrity of any data they have access to. This type of Logic bomb has been seen to affect large establishments, banks, etc.

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