Difference between Password and Passphrase

Password and Passphrase

A password, a secret word or phrase that must be used to gain admission to a device/network.is typically composed of not more than 10 letters or symbols, or a combination of both without space.. It could be a string of random symbols such as “A@ew#qS” or just a word like “Ohmygod”, or a combination of both such as “hel@py#u!”.

A passphrase is a string of words that must be used to gain access to a computer system or service. The passphrase is the latest trending buzz online nowadays.
A passphrase can also contain symbols, words, numbers and does not have to be a proper sentence or grammatically correct but uses spaces and can be much longer than the password. For example “Work hard to help self @99” is a passphrase. A Passphrases is easier to remember and are next to impossible to crack. Major OS and applications support passphrase. It should be at least more than 17 characters long for better security.Strength of a passphrase  is derived from both length and entropy.

Diceware is a technique that uses dice to produce random text for passphrases and other uses. The Diceware method provides an easy way to create strong passphrase that are easy to remember.To build a passphrase, you pick short words from a list that is indexed in a special way that makes it easy to select the words randomly using ordinary dice: for example: twaq nuis xiop azlq ().The Diceware method is secure even if an attacker knows that you used Diceware to pick your passphrase.However it has been observes that the sentence as a passphrase is particularly strong.

However there is a significant limitation to the passphrase.Home computer ,Internet accounts (email, online shops, social networks,etc),Internet Banking,do not accept passphrase but instead have two factor authentication.We can set up passphrase for Wi-Fi,wireless printers like Canon MX492 and so on.

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