Are you working from Home? 

Don’t forget to check out these 10 Security tips!

Over the last decade, the number of employees working from home has increased amazingly. All thanks to technology, employees no longer required to sit and work in the office. According to a recent study, people working from home feel less stressed and gives more output compared to employees working in the office. No wonder why more and more people are switching their work platforms.

But, the main question is how to be safe while working from home? Well, Security matters.

So, here are a few tips, check it out!

1. Do not forget the Back-up task: Backing up the data is as important as keeping the data safe. Nowadays, you will find multiple options to back up your data. Use any of them and secure your data.

2. Do not miss the Anti-virus from your system: Working without an up-to-date antivirus is very risky. Make sure to have good, effective, and updated antivirus for your system.

3. Do not underestimate the wireless networks: Be aware when you work outside your home. Public wireless networks can be quite risky sometimes. There’s a big risk of malicious attack. So next time remember this when you think of working out of your house.

4. Be aware with removable devices: We use many removable devices in our day to day life. These removable devices can be a source of malware and viruses which can damage your system. So do not allow any random person to plug removable in your system. And if you do, make sure to scan it first.

5. Separate your working space from your personal area: Working is working, it doesn’t matter if you work from an office or home. Do not allow your kids or other family members to use your system. It’s for your use only.

6. Use a secure workspace: You never know what can damage your system and its equipment. Private information can be easily damaged by someone. The workspace must have a strong and secure ward. There’s also a big risk of pets. For example, cats use to jump here and there.

7. Risk of using public computers: Most of the time people working from home works on their laptop or system, but sometimes in an urgent situation they may need to use a public system like cyber cafe system or business suite in an airport. In such cases, make sure to keep your screen private, never click on ‘remember me’ or ‘save my information tabs, do not access sensitive information, and last but definitely on the list, clear your browsing history and delete any downloaded files before leaving.

8. Password protection: Password is the only thing that protects your device and important software being accessed by others. But the power of password is not only limited to this, it also protects your device if it gets lost or stolen. And if you act smart and create a strong password, you can also be safe from hackers. Now, what’s a strong password? A long, and unique password with multi-character is a strong password. The two-step authentication process is a pro for password. Oh, and make sure to use a different password for different logins and systems.

9. Safety checks for mobile and laptop: You know the risk of cyber criminals if you forget or lose your devices. First thing comes first, keep your all devices in sight all the time. If needed, use security apps or software in your devices.

10. Email security: Email is the primary medium of communication for people who work from home. But, do you know, Email is usually the first target of cybercriminals? We all are aware of spam and phishing emails. So keep your Email safe.

As we see the process to be safe while working from home isn’t too tricky. So why not implement it today? After all, precaution is better than cure!

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