3 Home Security Best Practices That are Always Forgotten

  Believe it or not, many people simply have a security system installed and then never touch it again. The reason this happens is that most likely, their technician didn’t take the time to show them how to use their system. When setting up a security system, always take the time to learn about your system with your technician. Because when you don’t take the time, you will more than likely fall into the habit of non-use. 

  1. Arm Instant. The arm instant feature on some security system allows you to do exactly what it sounds like, instantly arm your system. This means that instead of a 60 second countdown, your system goes into armed as soon as you put your code in. Just make sure everyone knows the system was armed instantly to avoid any false alarms.
  2. No Entry Delay. This feature is like #1 but it is for entry into the home. Most systems will give you 30 seconds to disarm the system before the alarm goes off. With a No Entry Delay set, your alarm will sound the moment a sensor is tripped. This feature is best suited for Night modes when you’re going to sleep. Once again, make sure people in the home are aware of the setting because an opened door will send an alarm.
  3. Setting a Geo Fence. Geo Fencing is a new feature with the ADT Command Panel. Using GPS from your phone, you can allow a link between you and your security system wherever you are. For example, let’s say you work 20 miles from home. And let’s say that you would like to disarm your system when you’re almost home. You can set your system to detect you arriving home from work within a few miles and ready your home for your arrival. If you have set up any home automation devices, like lights or thermostats, you can also customize their actions when arriving using Geo Fencing. The sky is the limit with the things you can do with Geo Fencing.

  Make sure you inquire about the features of your security system with your technician. If they aren’t doing their job explaining the system, then maybe you should consider going with a more trusted security company. Technology is getting better everyday and you want someone who can help you along the way. Don’t let your security system turn into your gym membership. It doesn’t do any good to have it if you’re not going to use it. 

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